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Market Dominance-Strategic Pricing
Dominance-Driven Mind-set Product Pricing



Market Dominance-Strategic Pricing:
Dominance-Driven Mind-set Product Pricing
1st Edition
  (Hard cover 180 pages)
Author:   Opubo G Benebo

Publisher:     Okumaye Publishing
Publish Date: august, 2018
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   Book Description

Market Dominance-Strategic Pricing proffers a structured approach to accurately assessing the scope of the Market Potential of a product over the years of product introduction, so that an OEM vendor-corporation could effectively develop a pricing scheme in alignment with the contextual development of the Market Potential, and effective cover the Market through strategic product Pricing, that often is the determinant of whether or not a corporation including startup venture continue to survive or even survive at all.

So then Market Dominance Strategic Pricing empowers the corporate Sales or Venture Executive with dominance-driven mindset to evolve strategic pricing of the products as to max out the market capture as is always desirable; given that pricing a product properly is also very effective at creating a virtual siege attack on the market and thereby creating a huge entry barrier to would-be entrants into the market.

Book Details
Book: Market Dominance-Strategic Pricing: Dominance-Driven Mind-set Product Pricing; 1st Edition
Opubo G Benebo
Language: English

Publisher: Okumaye Publishing

ISBN-13: N/A
ISBN-10: N/A

Binding:        Hardcover (Cloth on Board with dust-cover)
Page Count:  180

Published Date: December, 2015
Released Date:  December, 2015

Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21
Weight: N/A

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