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Authorship Alliance

Okumaye Publishing seeks to establish a class of authorship alliance with as many other non-natural as well as natural persons, which imposes the condition that each such entity, whether or not natural submit one manuscript to the company per year.

Accordingly, the company has an authorship alliance with several companies, all companies within the Nkassens Holdings Corporations Group, whose staffs are by default authors of Okumaye Publishing and as such may freely publish intellectual analyses of subjects of corporate and industrial interests. Despite this seemingly vast population of staff, Okumaye Publishing still encourages interested entities to contact the company for discussions on this matter of forming authorship alliance.

Of course, while because of the shear population of non-natural persons or corporations the demands of the construct of the alliance is easily met, this may not necessarily be true for individual authors. Nonetheless, individual authors who can provide one manuscript a year may yet contact the company for entering into an alliance.

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