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  News & Events
Alexandria, VA; February 23, 2018
Dating Publications
Being a small publishing company without internal printing facility, the company has formally adopted as Date of Publication as the manuscript-print date on which the book became available for distribution. Accordingly Publications Date adjustments are being made.

Alexandria, VA; January 26, 2018
Publication of 11th Book
The company released its first compilation of Books In Print Catalogue and is please to announce the availability of the catalogue for download.

Alexandria, VA; December 15, 2017
Publication of 11th Book
The company is please to announce the publication of its eleventh book in continuing growth of its collection of books and IP assets base. more News & Events

A Traditional Publishing Company, Okumaye publishes media that provisions specific solutions by professionals
in various economic sectors deemed worthy of publishing to the specific sectors

Print Media of Intellectual Analyses and Practical Solutions! 


Our Books are written to provide specific solutions to industry problems that may have been identified by the author(s) and deemed worthy of publishing to the industry a knowledge enhancing solution. Ordinarily, the book lays the foundation from which the knowledge is abstracted and applied to the solution of interest.


Essentially a compilations of Technical reports not previously published as reports, the Journals are consist of solution of diverse industry related problems solved by industry staffs working on the specific areas of problem. Releases of Journals are not scheduled and are available upon compilation and receipt from printers.

Technical Reports

Our Technical Reports are exhaustive analysis and or evaluation by any industry staff who had been involved in the given subject area for a reasonable length of time solving the problem of the report and had developed a worthy of circulation solution for the industry.

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