Microbial Metabolic Reactions Kinetics, Elements of Cellular Biochemical Reactions Kinetics; proffers methods for constructing the chemical kinetics rate expression of the metabolic reactions in the form of integrated chemical kinetics and quantum statistics theories but the end function being of the structure of chemical reaction rate expressions. The integrating of the the functions into the construct that is consistent with the chemical kinetics rate expression are developed strictly on the constructing guides of the Principles of Kinetics Time Scales that organizes the reactions sequencing into cell-support forms.

Parameter Estimation of the kinetics constants of the rate expressions are made through a distribution of the constants developed with Composited Reactions Mass Actions Kinetics Model, therefore using the results of observed bioreactions for the computational estimation of the non-observed reactions constants.

Microbial Metabolic Reactions Kinetics, proffers the Bioreactor Engineer an effective tool for constructing cellular metabolic reaction rate equations that empowers the analysis of in-design and operating bioreactors to determine the optimal operating conditions for the production bioproducts and biologics that has not been done often.

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Book: Microbial Metabolic Reactions Kinetics: Elements of Cellular Biochemical Reactions Kinetics Theory
Author: Opubo G Benebo
Language: English

Publisher:  Okumaye Publishing

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Publish & Release Date: September, 2018

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