Cellular Reactions Mechanisms Kinetics, Vol-1 Composited Reactions Mass Action Kinetics & Rate Equations; is the cellular reactions kinetics model, derivative of the rational generalization of the reaction mechanism template obtaining from the polynomial approximation of substrate metabolic reactions mechanism of the Composited Reactions-Mechanisms Kinetics, and develops a comprehensive formalism of the Growth-Signal-Directed Rate Equations reflective of the role of Signal-Controller Cell Reactions; and even though a simplification, by the approximation of the vastly generalized Composited Reactions Sinks Sources Kinetics, the Kinetics is also effectively more representatively descriptive of cellular reactions dynamics in absorption of the exoenzymic reactions dynamics into the overall development of the Growth Signal Directed Rate Equations.

The Growth-Signal-Directed Rate Equations are developed by abstraction of the reaction mechanism template to guide the construction of cellular reaction rate equations along principles of mass action kinetics for cellular reactions, and as such provides more global analyses by necessarily enabling the construction of even rate equations for Death reactions including by product inhibition, and therefore affords enhanced predictability of bioreactors performance, and so best suited for designing bioreactor, compliant with established principles of chemical reactor design. Moreover, the Kinetics Model proffers the added benefit of enabling the discovering and postulation of cellular reaction mechanisms through the polynomial order of derived Mass Action Kinetics Rate Equations.

Cellular Reactions Mechanisms Kinetics, Vol-1 Composited Reactions Mass Action Kinetics & Rate Equations; proffers the Bioreactor Engineer an effective tool for constructing cellular rate equations most efficacious for the design of bioreactor because of the kinetics alignment of the mass action bioreactions with the cellular reactions.

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Book: Cellular Reactions Mechanisms Kinetics: Vol-1 Composited Reactions Mass-Action Kinetics & Rate Equations
Author: Opubo G Benebo
Language: English

Publisher:  Okumaye Publishing

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Publish & Release Date: September, 2018

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