Opubo G Benebo Updated January 16, 2016
Opubo G Benebo is a Chemical Engineer with B. Applied-Sc and MSc, has engaged in entrepreneurial development of base-technologies for supporting chemical and metabolic reactions utilizing electron-particle beam for ignition, as well as the development of software for the computational design and control of such technologies.

He so has engaged in various roles in the founding of a diversified corporation with Company Business being the development, manufacture and marketing of advanced engineering technologies enabling the ignition of chemical and biochemical reactions in air pollutants incinerators, and in medical and diagnostic technologies, respectively; he is also the founder of a very competitively positioned software company with a dynamic growth-thrust. The founding of the software company was part of an overall entrepreneurial endeavour at the founding of the diversified corporation.

Opubo G Benebo also proffers analysis reports through issues-analysis company engaged in the analysis of socio-economic issues including societal lifestyles with intrinsic economic values.

Books on Biotechnology by Opubo G Benebo:

Designing Batch Fermentation Reactors: Design Basics;
Writing Business Plans, The Ultimate Guide;
Demons & African-warriors: Rational Reflection of Four African Demonic Folklores;
Founding Business Entities: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Strategic Planning, Startups & Financing.
Batch Microbiological Reactors Designs: Bioreactors Computational Designs Structures